Travel Essentials for Fashion Models

Top models will regularly find themselves jetting off for exciting location photoshoots. Sometimes they are last-minute, so the art of quickly and effectively packing some travel essentials is something all models know how to do. 

While travelling can be fun, regularly travelling for work can soon become tiring and stressful. Knowing how to quickly put an overnight case together can help save time and ensure your trip is as stress-free as possible.

Travelling As a Model

Short one-night stays need a different style of packing to longer trips. Interviews are most likely to take place in major cities like London, Manchester or Liverpool which are several hours away by train. Most top models live in cities to minimise the amount of travel they need to do for interviews and casting calls. 

Top models may find themselves travelling further afield for jobs. Location shoots will take them around the world. The more in demand a model is, the more opportunities for travel they will have. 

Jobs can take a few hours to a few weeks to complete depending on the size of the campaign and the brand behind it. A model will be told beforehand what to expect, but it’s their responsibility to pack their own case and bring all their own essentials. 

It’s a good idea to write a packing list before any trips so nothing is forgotten.

All top models know how to pack travel essentials in case they need to attend a location photoshoot.

Short Trips

Short journeys will be commonplace for any model. You will be expected to travel for all interviews and casting calls, so you will soon know the travel essentials to keep in your bag. 

Models are the beginning of their careers will be expected to pay travel costs themselves. 

A model’s bag may include some of the following items:

– A face mask and hand sanitiser. Due to the pandemic, health and safety is a priority, especially when travelling on public transportation. Models may also be expected to do a Covid test before meeting anyone in-person.

– Water and snacks. A model may need to wait to be seen so bringing some healthy snacks and a water bottle will drop you getting hungry or dehydrated. 

– Mobile phone and portable phone charger.

– Pen and notebook. Journalling is a popular pastime of many top models. A notebook is also a handy place to take notes. 

– Wallet/purse. You may need to bring ID. 

– Deodorant. Travelling can make you hot and bothered and you don’t want to smell or feel uncomfortable upon arriving at your destination. 

– Sunglasses. Sunglasses are stylish, they protect the eyes from sun damage, they allow the model some privacy and they allow a model to go make-up free without having to worry. 

Long Trips

Long trips are more tricky to pack for. A model doesn’t want to be caught out, but they also don’t want to have to carry a huge, heavy bag around. Long-haul flights can be tiring and uncomfortable, so you’ll want to pack plenty of creature comforts. 

A longer journey may see the following travel essentials added to a model’s travel bag:

– Passport and relevant documentation. 

– An outfit change. You’ll want to dress comfortably when travelling but may want to put a fresh outfit in your carry-on bag.

– Layers. Planes can get cold and it’s a good idea to bring enough layers so you are warm. A spare pair of leggings and a t-shirt to change into upon arrival is also a good idea. 

– Toiletries bag. Toiletries can include a toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, skincare including lotion, make-up (mascara, concealer), shampoo & conditioner. You may also want to bring a facial cleanser, SPF, and a mist to refresh you after a flight. 

– Eye mask

– Earplugs

-Healthy food options

– Water bottle

– Laptop and charger. Great for keeping up with work – you can also watch Netflix to keep you entertained.

– Gadgets to keep you occupied like a Kindle or iPad. 

– Neck pillow.

– Adapter

– Noise-cancelling headphones.

– Travel accessories like an ID tag for your bag.

– Packing cubes – these make packing far easier and more organised.

Hair dryer. Many models like to bring their own as hotels tend to have low-quality dryers. 

– You’ll also want a decent carry-on luggage case that you can easily lock and that ideally has wheels so you can pull it along behind you without having to pick it up and carry it.

Fashion Model Essentials

With all the travel comforts out the way, let’s take a look at work-related paraphernalia that models need to bring with them:

– Modelling portfolio. A modelling portfolio is like a model’s CV; it showcases their experience as a model. It needs to be brought with you to all interviews and casting calls. 

– Z-cards. The model’s version of a business card, this card slips easily into your purse and is a great way to quickly network with other people. 

– Heels. Women may need fitting, comfortable heels in case they are asked to perform their walk. 

– Nude underwear. A model should bring their own nude underwear in case they are asked to try on any clothing by the brand or designer. A nude thong is also a great way to stay hygienic if you’re asked to try on underwear. 

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