Could you be the UK’s next top model?

Watch our video to learn about what it takes to become a model, as well as how we can help you with your modelling career.

The Model’s Kit has over 18 years’ experience in guiding new models through the first steps in their career; helping them safely and efficiently break into the industry.

After an initial assessment and discussion, The Model’s Kit can support you through your first tentative steps to becoming a professional model. With close support and insider advice, we stand with our clients until they are signed or choose to pursue a career in freelance modelling.

How to become a model

There are a number of easy steps to follow if you are serious about your ambitions on becoming a professional model:

  1. Build a portfolio in collaboration with professional photographers.

  2. Carry out extensive research about potential modelling agencies that you want to work with.

  3. Contact suitable agencies that work in the right modelling niche for you.

  4. Practice your poses and gain ideas and inspiration from the work of other models.

  5. Attend the castings arranged by your agent and agency.

  6. Be friendly with absolutely everyone you work with and be confident at every appointment.

Over the past couple of decades, there has been a great surge in demand for models of all ages and backgrounds. Thanks to the internet, and everything that comes with it, including online shopping and advertising, there is a larger need for a wide range of professional models.

While demand has exploded, much to the benefit of aspiring and hard-working models, it also means that getting started can be much more difficult and daunting, which is where The Model’s Kit comes in.

With a simple registration, we can assess your portfolio and will get back to you within three working days if we feel that we can help you land your first modelling contract.

How does The Models Kit help aspiring models?

We have helped models throughout the UK with our professional model support services, and with our guidance, you can find out if you have the potential to be a professional model.


Register with a recent and high-quality image, ensuring that it provides a clear shot of your face. Alongside a photo, we will also need some information, including your name, age (or date of birth), and your postcode.


Once that registration is complete, our inside team will review your application.


If our team feels that you have the potential to become a professional model, we will be in contact within three working days to discuss your aspirations and plans for becoming a model.


Once an initial discussion has taken place, you may be offered to take part in a professional modelling shoot to see how you work in front of a professional photography team. Taking place at our London studio, we also offer hair styling and make-up artists to ensure a comprehensive shoot. The images taken can be used on your social media accounts as well as within your professional modelling portfolio.


Using the images from the shoot as guidance, we can start building your professional portfolio using a wide range of creative and high-quality images.


Offering a fully comprehensive service, we will then provide you with ongoing support, advice, and guidance until you are signed to a modelling agency or you choose to pursue a freelance career in modelling. 

What kind of modelling best suits you?

There is a wide range of modelling niches as well as a great demand from different types of models. Your personal niche can depend on a variety of factors, including your gender, age, fitness level, background, and even your personality.

Register with us today!

With a simple sign up process, you could find out within three working days if you have the potential to forge a career in modelling.

If you’re really passionate about becoming a model, and it’s something that you’re serious about, then we can help you get started and unlock your true potential.

Simply upload a clear and high-quality image and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your potential, as well as the kind of modelling that could work for you.

From there, we can organise a full professional shoot and provide close support to make your dream become a reality.