Want to make it as a male model?

If you have a strong desire to be a male model, you’ve come to the right place.

The industry is not only growing, but it’s evolving. If you think you have what it takes to become a male model, find out if you have what it takes.

Welcome to a changing industry

Over the past 20 years, attitudes within both society and marketing means that the modelling industry has changed for the better.
As a result, agencies and brands are looking for a wide range of models, so if you have the determination, passion, and professionalism to become a male model, you’ve come at the best possible time.​

What it takes to become a male model

Although looks are important for any model, the truth is that you also need to have a lot of personality and flare. As a male model, you’ll need to be able to take instructions from a variety of people and be able to carry yourself in front of a camera.

More often than not, although you will be working with a team full of professionals, they’re likely to be people that you have never met before, which means that you have to leave your nerves at the door.

What’s more, the chances are that you will be modelling for brands or services that you might not like or associate with in real life, which means that you must have an open mind and a willingness to put yourself into new situations and environments.

Use your head to make your decisions

There’s no point in approaching an agency if you’re unsure of what kind of modelling you want to work in or what best suits your features and personality.

For instance, if you have a toned or muscular physique, you might want to work in fitness and sports modelling, but if you have much more of an average figure, you might find that commercial modelling is best.

As well as understanding their best features, every model needs to understand their limitations so that they can make the most informed decisions when applying for roles or approaching specific modelling agencies.
Conduct research and find what niche interests you, as well as what could work out best. If you’re still unsure, find out if The Model’s Kit can help.

What’s your niche?

With so many different types of modelling at hand, every aspiring model needs to understand which type of modelling works best for their looks and personality.

For instance, there are specific niches for men with toned physiques, just as there are specific niches for men over the age of fifty. Find out which is your niche below.

Getting into the world of high fashion modelling

Although preferences differ between agencies, each one has its own strict set of rules for high fashion models.

In the vast majority of cases, modelling agencies tend to sign male models above six feet in height so that they can cater to the strict demands of brands.

As you can imagine, the height of a model is particularly important for catwalk shows so that brands can enjoy consistency between models.

That said, it is sometimes the case that agencies take on slightly shorter models for the purposes of print advertisements in high-end fashion magazines.

When it comes to the features of a high-end fashion model, agencies look for men with strong jawlines, slim physiques, and good complexions.

With that in mind, it could be said that high fashion modelling is one of the hardest types of modelling to break into as the specifications required by agencies are so narrow.

Even if you do fit the mould for high-end fashion modelling, you’ll still need to find an agent that can find you consistent work.

If you think you have what it takes to become a high fashion model, however, get in touch to see if The Model’s Kit can help you. Throughout the years, we’ve worked with countless male models that have broken into the tough world of high fashion modelling with our advice.

High Fashion Male Modelling — The Models Kit

Taking a look at commercial modelling

Commercial modelling is usually the kind of modelling that no one has heard of, but just about everybody sees on a day to day basis. Put simply, commercial modelling involves working to advertise specific products or services.

Commercial Male Modelling — The Models Kit

From cleaning fluids through to tour passes, commercial models are hired by companies when they feel that the look and personality of a model best represents the market that they are aiming for.

Like with high fashion models, agencies tend to have strict requirements for commercial models, as they will hire models for a variety of different brands, products, and services.

Commercial models tend to have more of a presence than high fashion models, as they are often required to use or pose with the products or services that they are advertising. Depending on the product, this kind of contract can span a number of days.

As you can imagine, if you are hired to advertise a cleaning product, for instance, you might be required to pull out a few acting skills so that the brand is properly portrayed within the advertisement.

On the other hand, if for example, you are hired to advertise a particular brand of hair gel or beard wax, you could be asked to strike a variety of poses that might not come naturally in everyday life.

Due to the fact that much of the advertising industry has now moved online, it means that advertising campaigns tend to be less expensive, so more brands are hiring commercial models to advertise their products.

If you think you have what it takes to become a commercial model, register with The Model’s Kit to speak to one of our modelling consultants.

Ever thought about catalogue modelling?

Although there tends to be fewer brick-and-mortar shops on the high street these days, there is a growing amount of independent brands and shops establishing themselves online, which means that the demand for catalogue modelling has never been higher.

A catalogue model will typically wear a collection of clothes during a particular season, and the model could even be hired for a number of collections and seasons, depending on the store.

Before internet shopping truly took off, there used to be a typical look and size requested by modelling agencies when signing catalogue models, but this has now changed for the better.

More often than not, brands are now interested in personalities and styles over the generic look of a model.

This means of course, that there is even more potential for balding, bulkier, taller, and even shorter models to break into catalogue modelling.

If you think you have what it takes to become a catalogue model, after an initial registration process, The Model’s Kit can help you realise your potential and guide you through the tough process of breaking into catalogue modelling.

Catalogue Male Model — The Models Kit

Getting to know a real-life model

Real-life models are currently one of the most popular kinds of models in the industry and they are often chosen by brands and companies to represent real people.

Getting to know a real-life model​ — The Models Kit

With brands becoming increasingly creative, they are looking for all different types of models for their campaigns. From print advertisements, all the way through to the catwalks, real-life models are finding themselves in all different kinds of modelling environments.

Due to the increased demand, real-life modelling agencies are springing up throughout London and the rest of the UK to cater to the changing tastes. This means that there is an even greater opportunity for male models to get in on the industry.

If you would like the opportunity to become a male model, contact us today so we can start discussing your options.

A little something for older men

While modelling tends to be thought of as more of a young man’s game, the truth is that there is an increasing amount of demand for older male models.

If you’re above the age of 40 and you’re interested in becoming a male model, contact us today to see if we think you have the talent to become a professional model.

A little something for older men​ — The Models Kit

When fitness comes into play

If you love hitting the gym and have always thought about taking up modelling as a profession, now is the chance to become a fitness model.

When Fitness Comes Into Play — The Models Kit

Although most agencies don’t have height specifications when it comes to fitness modelling, as you can imagine, they do have set specifications about body shape.

This means of course, that as a male model, you need to be at the peak of your physical powers, although your muscles must look natural.

You must also have a healthy complexion to expect to be featured in print advertisements, online, and in commercials.

If you think you have what it takes to become a fitness model, then get in touch with The Model’s Kit today to see if we can help you.

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