Ever wondered what a Z-Card is?

Every industry has its own jargon and modelling is no different.

If you’ve ever wondered what a Z-Card is, or have always wanted one for yourself, take a look below to find out more.

What is a Z-Card?

Put simply, a Z-Card is a business card for the modelling world. Much like a portfolio, Z-Cards are used by models at networking events to help market them to an array of different people working in the industry. Like business cards, Z-Cards are professionally designed and can be styled in a million different ways to help market the true potential of a model.

What information do you put on a Z-Card?

You can put a surprising amount of information on a Z-Card, although one will generally include around four to six images showcasing the best and most creative pictures featuring the model in question.

What’s more, a Z-Card will hold crucial information, such as a model’s height, age, body type (or dress size), and important contact details.

Although many people outside of modelling will not have heard of Z-Cards, they have been used by professional models for decades.

Whether you’re a professional model, or one just starting out in the industry, it would be rare for you to leave home without personal copies of your Z-Card, as you never know who you might bump into.

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How does a Z-Card benefit a model?

It is common for a model to showcase their potential and experience by handing out their own Z-Cards.

As you can imagine, by passing around your Z-Card at every networking event, casting, or interview, you can help market your skills to a variety of directors, photographers, casting agents, or art directors.

We’ve often worked with models that have landed jobs simply by giving their Z-Card to the right person at the right time, so we know they’re useful tools that every aspiring model should carry with them.

Should my Z-Card be professional?

Although The Model’s Kit always advises a Z-Card to be creative, sleek, and even a little fun, it should always be professional.

A model must ensure that all the images within their Z-Card are of the highest possible quality, and if possible, taken by a professional photographer.

If you have a large collection of pictures that you could use, we advise taking the time out to carefully select four to six of the best to showcase your talent and personality as a model.

If you can, ensure that your pictures are relevant to the modelling niche that you aspire to be in, such as high fashion modelling, catalogue modelling, or commercial modelling.

Remember to think about the layout of your Z-Card

The layout is important​ — The Models Kit

While the pictures that you choose are incredibly important, it is also essential that your Z-Card has the right kind of presentation so that it is attractive, easy to digest, and memorable.

Having worked in the modelling industry for over 15 years, on more than one occasion we have seen models with perfect pictures and amazing talent, who have failed to break into the industry simply because of how they have presented or marketed themselves.

With a professionally designed Z-Card, however, you are giving yourself every opportunity to shine through.

Get out and network

Although the internet and social media provide models with the perfect opportunities to market themselves, it’s still crucial to get out and network the old fashioned way.

Whether you attend a party, fashion show, exhibition, or photoshoot, ensure to carry your Z-Card with you at all times.

Many female models choose to carry their Z-Cards in their handbags so that they can safely carry and provide their cards at a moment’s notice.

With men, however, it can be a little difficult. Some male models choose to carry theirs in their top pocket, in a suit jacket, or simply inside their own specially designed cases.

Wherever or however you choose to carry your Z-Card, ensure that it is safe and free from areas where it could be damaged or creased.

Another tip that we give to all aspiring models is to be as professional as possible at any networking event.

Although it is easy to enjoy one or two alcoholic drinks that are often passed around for free, we always advise not becoming too intoxicated, as you might leave a big impression that is, unfortunately, the wrong kind of impression.

Get out and network​ — The Models Kit

A Z-Card could be the first impression you make

It is also important to remember that like business cards, a single Z-Card can be passed around multiple people. So the person that you give your card to might not actually be the person that offers you an interview.

A Z-Card could be the first impression you make​ — The Models Kit

This is why it is so crucial that Z-Cards leave the best possible impression on just about every hand that they pass through.

When you are in the early stages of creating your card, think about what kind of impression you want it to leave on people. Would you rather they hire you for video commercials, for catalogue modelling, or for commercial modelling for example?

This is something that every model must think about so that they can get the right kind of casting from their Z-Card.

How can UK Models help?

If you register and arrange a photoshoot with The Model’s Kit, the photographs taken by our expert team can be featured on your Z-Card.

Every photo session we arrange results in creative, sleek, and high-quality photographs that are perfect for the Z-Card of any model.

What’s more, by partaking in one of our shoots, you will find out exactly what being a professional model entails.

With professional hairstylists and make-up artists also at hand, you’ll have no doubt that you can get the best possible photographs for your very own Z-Card.

Register with The Model’s Kit today, and if we think you have the potential to become a professional model, you’ll receive a message within three working days.

You never know, a photoshoot and Z-Card with The Model’s Kit could be the start of your brand new career.

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