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How can The Model’s Kit Help?

With a simple application process, which should include a high-quality and recent photograph of yourself, we can assess your potential to become a professional model.

If our team of seasoned experts think that you could cut it in the modelling industry, you will hear back from us within three working days and we can get to work planning your first tentative steps into the world of modelling. In fact, the process can be broken down into some very simple steps:

1. Fill in our registry form and include a clear image of yourself.

2. Our in-house team will process and evaluate your application.

3. If we think you could make it, we will contact you within three working days.

4. We will invite you to our London or Manchester studio for a full assessment.

5. During a full photoshoot, we will help you gain experience and confidence in front of the camera.

6. If all goes well, you will be offered the opportunity to build your own modelling portfolio.

7. With a portfolio in hand, we will provide you with tailored aftercare to help you land a contract or continue a career as a freelance model.


We’re passionate about giving everything we have for our clients, and we think it shows. 
Take a look through some of our most recent reviews below:

We travelled down to London today for my teenage son’s shoot and he really enjoyed it. He got a bit fed up when we waited for the pictures because it was quite a long wait and we kept getting up to get some water from the water machine. He done really well and the guy at the end complimented him and gave us some really good advice.

Hannah Griffin

Happy to have attended today with my son. Something new and something he did enjoy. We found that this is not for him but it was a pleasure being invited down.

Lauren Walton

A fantastic, professional and comforting environment. Excellent staff with the ability to help boost your self esteem and give you motivation. A studio which I would recommend to others.

Rebecca Glover

The session was a great experience for my daughter. She loved posing for the camera and when they done her hair and having looked at the photos, we couldn’t help but buy them.

Freya Shepherd

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re often asked a range of questions about the modelling industry, look at some of them below:

No, older models are in great demand as brands look to expand their audience and customer bases. We’ve helped models well over the ages of 40 and 50 chase their dreams and become successful models in their later years. After all, what is age but a number?

Although most people think about fashion modelling when it comes to modelling, the truth is that there is a great range of opportunities including:

  • Real-life modelling
  • Commercial modelling
  • Catalogue modelling
  • Fitness modelling
  • Glamour modelling
  • Plus-size modelling

While it is true that much of the modelling industry resides in and around London, the truth is that you can live the life of a professional model from anywhere in the UK. 

This does mean, however, that you might expect to travel more than a model that is based in London.

Although many models choose to approach talent and model agencies, the truth is that there is also a lot of models that choose to work on a freelance basis.

This does mean, however, that they must do a lot more organisational and marketing work to find jobs.

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