Getting a modelling portfolio

A modelling portfolio is thought of by many in the industry as a specialist CV that shows off both the talents and work of a model.

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Although professional images are not needed to apply to agencies a portfolio is something that they will need to market you in the future and you can use to market yourself to freelance opportunities.

How to create a professional portfolio

A model portfolio is a collection of professional images and your portfolio must say something about you, agencies don’t want to see pretty images, they want to see attitude, personality and ultimately how versatile you can be.

Get a professional model portfolio tailored to your personal needs.

Tailor your portfolio to a specific niche.

If we believe your application shows model potential and that you would benefit from our support and possibly help to create and build your very own portfolio then you will normally receive a text message within 72 hours of registration. At busy times this may take longer. The application will then be passed onto one of our new faces consultants who will contact you in due course to discuss further.

Introducing the digital portfolio

With a digital portfolio, you are provided with a compact and secure disc with the best images from your shoot. What’s more, by purchasing the digital images, you will also be gaining the copyright licenses. This provides you with the full legal rights to the images.

Whether you choose to purchase a digital portfolio, printed portfolio, or an e-Folio, you must purchase the images to pay for the rights. This means, however, that all our packages and portfolios come supplied with digital images.

Another advantage of having your images on a digital disc is the fact that you can save them in a number of places, including on your home computer or on the cloud — so you will never lose them.

What’s more, as you will own the copyrights to the images, it means that you can retouch, crop or resize them as much as you wish. This can be especially handy for when you need to provide specific images to agencies or agents.

Introducing the digital portfolio​ — The Models Kit

Introducing the printed portfolio

The Model’s Kit takes great pride in the quality of its printed portfolios.
Each one comprises of 10 to 20 A4 fully airbrushed pictures, which you will be able to showcase at castings and interviews to show your ability to portray confidence and flair in front of a camera.

Much like a digital portfolio, a printed portfolio must have character and help your personality shine through in the images. It is for this reason that we have strict registration processes at the beginning of the journey, because we know that only the most talented individuals can make it in modelling.

During the creation of the portfolio, our experts will work with you to help decide on the best shots and styles so that you leave our studios with the strongest possible portfolio.

Why do you need a printed portfolio?

It is easy to assume that in an increasingly digital world, a printed portfolio is a thing of the past, but the truth is that they are as important as ever.

By providing an agency or director with a physical portfolio, you can let them to flick through your photographs while in an interview situation; allowing them to get a full sense of your personality as well as your talent.

Furthermore, a professional portfolio offers the impression that you are serious about taking on the work.

How The Models Kit can help

We have over 20 years’ experience as a model support agency, and we can help guide you through the hard but exciting process of creating a professional modelling portfolio.

What’s more, our aftercare support service can provide you with inside information and tips about approaching different agencies and shoots.

If you want to know more about how we can help you get started on your very own modelling portfolio, register today.

How The Models Kit can help​ — The Models Kit

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