Ever wanted to get your child into modelling?

If so, The Model’s Kit can give you unbiased advice about helping your child make it in the modelling industry.

If so, The Model’s Kit can give you unbiased advice about helping your child make it in the modelling industry.

Welcome to the changing world of child modelling

Since the dawn of the internet, there has been a large increase in the demand for child models. If you think that your little boy or girl would enjoy becoming a model for top brands, then there is a great amount of opportunity for child models.

Now more than ever, talent agencies are on the lookout for happy, bright, and energetic children as they look to fill an increasing number of modelling roles for brands in print-based advertisements, online advertisements, catalogues, and commercials.

Welcome to the changing world of child modelling​ — The Models Kit

Could your child become a model?

A loving smile, alert eyes, and a real personality are the virtues that talent agencies throughout the country look for when it comes to child models. If you think that your child has all of the above, then there’s a good chance that your child could become a real model.

But what does a child model do?

As we’ve already explained, the amount of work available for child models is exploding, as today, children can be seen in holiday commercials, clothing advertisements, promotional materials, online videos and commercials, and posters.

What’s more, when it comes to the Christmas season, there is a huge surge in interest as independent and newly-established brands look to produce Christmas advertising campaigns.

What about child modelling restrictions?

When it comes to certain types of modelling, such as high fashion modelling, or fitness modelling, there can be strict and narrow specifications about the look and body type of a model.

The great news is that when it comes to child modelling, agencies enjoy working with a wide range of models from a variety of different backgrounds, meaning that it is easier to make it in the industry as a child model than most.

The most important thing, however, is that a child model enjoys the experience of modelling in a safe, happy, and comfortable environment. What’s more, a child model needs to be able to take direction from near-strangers and be comfortable doing so.

A child that is unable to take direction, or is too shy or unhappy, might find that they are not used again by a brand or agency.

What’s more, shoots can sometimes take place over long periods, which means that a child must follow instructions and be cooperative usually for a longer time than they might be used to.

While looks are important for any model, a good personality is also integral, as children will often be asked to draw from their own life experiences or strike unfamiliar poses or tasks while modelling.

Does your child want to become a model?

The ambitions of a child can change on a day-to-day or even hourly basis, which means that to become a model, a child must be dedicated to their dream of a life in front of the camera.

It’s very easy to spot a child who isn’t interested in having their photo taken, as some family pictures might agree! Furthermore, one of the most important qualities that a child must have during a modelling shoot is patience.

As you might have hoped, professionals that work with children have a great deal of understanding and empathy with child models, and they appreciate a child that can focus and be confident for long periods.

Does your child want to become a model — The Models Kit

Consider a trial run with us

At The Model’s Kit, we help models of all ages and backgrounds put together a professional portfolio so that they can approach model and talent agencies.

Consider a Trial Run With Us — The Models Kit

When it comes to child modelling, however, we often provide professional shoots for parents who want to gauge their child’s willingness and enjoyment of a professional photography shoot.

A trial run will help save a family a lot of time and money, as a day’s shoot can establish several factors, including whether a child has the talent to be a model, whether they are happy being a model, and whether you think that it is the right thing for them.

What’s more, you’ll come away with a professional portfolio of photographs that you’ll be able to show friends and family, as well as modelling agencies, if you choose to press ahead.

If you’re wondering why you might need a professional portfolio, the reason is because talent agencies need to see all the different attributes that a child can offer, and most will be unwilling to organise a shoot themselves.

How can The Models Kit help?

With over 15 years’ experience supporting all different kinds of models in the UK, we are one of the go-to model support agencies in the industry. Our dedicated child modelling professionals can help you and your child decide whether modelling is the right path for the future.

As firm believers that a child should enjoy modelling, we offer children (and their parents), the opportunity to enjoy a professional photoshoot based in our London or Manchester studios.

We accept applications from all corners of the UK and thrive in being able to help child models of all backgrounds find out whether they enjoy working with a creative team; including makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers, and directors.

We strongly recommend that before you approach a talent or modelling agency, you find out whether modelling is something that your child enjoys and that it is something that you are comfortable with as a parent.

If during a shoot, everything goes well, you will be offered the opportunity to purchase a professional portfolio comprised of images from the day. As already discussed, this is a vital element of any model’s career and can help them get their foot into some very lucrative doors.

Every single one of our child modelling team, from photographers, through to hairstylists and makeup artists, are fully trained to work in a professional environment with children.

With this in mind, our team knows exactly what is required for a child’s portfolio to give them the best possible start in their modelling career.

Having read all the above, if you think that child modelling is something that you would like to pursue with your child, click the application button below!

Still want your child to become a model?

If you still harbour that burning passion, submit your application below.

You can upload an image, and one of our new faces team will be in touch to discuss your suitability to the type of modelling you are interested in and then discuss with you how we can support you in making that dream a reality.