4 Key Aspects To Becoming A Male Model

Becoming a successful male model isn’t easy. Just like with female modellingmale models must meet certain criteria to be considered for opportunities. 

While male models may not have reached the same acclaim and success as female models, they’re well on their way. Want to know if you have what it takes? Read on to discover the 4 key aspects to becoming a male model

1. Measurements

Male models must have certain measurements depending on which niche they work in

male model‘s physique is just as important as a female model‘s. Neither can rely on their good looks alone; both must put time into the gym and the kitchen to keep their body’s toned and strong.

But whereas female models are expected to be tall and slender, male models are usually required to have more muscle definition. 

Of course, this differs depending on who the male model is working for. Runway models have far stricter measurements to meet:

– Their height should generally be between 5’11” and 6’3″

– Their waistline should generally measure between 29-32 inches

– Their chest should generally be between 39-40 inches

Each measurement differs from agency to agency, but these are the most commonly seen expectations of a high-fashion male model

catalogue model‘s measurements are quite different, however. They are far more relaxed and offer work for many more men.

– The height of a commercial model is 5’11 and over, but allowances are made

– They must fit into a 40R jacket (unless they model for a niche, for example plus-size or petite). 

2. Exercise

Exercise is a must for all models. Not only is exercise required for maintaining overall health, but exercise is also important for toning muscles, creating abs and helping a model look good in front of the camera

Fitness training includes cardio as well as weight lifting and strength training. A combination of exercises will help build a well-rounded routine that improves stamina, creates an attractive body shape but will also provide many health and strength benefits. 

3. Nutrition

Models must eat well

As the saying goes – abs aren’t made in the gym, they’re made in the kitchen. A model must always eat well to maintain a good physique and also benefit from the other benefits to eating well. These include clear skin tone, healthy hair, and good overall health.

Good overall health means you will be less likely to catch colds. It also means you will be able to recover faster when working many hours at once, or working on little sleep.

Models must travel regularly for work, and this can be exhausting; eating well will help a model recover from this 

Eating well will also help a model’s gym results to appear faster; more protein will help muscles repair and build quickly.

4. Smile and Confidence

An attractive smile is important in the modelling industry

Male models must have attractive smiles to make it in the industry. A good smile can improve most people’s attractiveness.

Designer Tom Ford once listed good teeth as something all gentlemen should have; he even went as far as to suggest saving up and paying for a great smile if you didn’t already have one. Remember, though, that this doesn’t necessarily mean your teeth have to be Hollywood white and straight – Georgia May Jagger is a successful model and has a gap between her two front teeth. Her gap does not make her smile unattractive; if anything, it adds character and makes her different from everyone else. A good smile can be subjective, but ensuring teeth are healthy, clean and unstained is a good place to start. Brush twice daily and visit a dentist regularly for a hygiene appointment to maintain oral health.

Confidence is another vital key for all models. Runway models must show confidence when walking, and all models must have confidence when posing in front of a camera. Even if you don’t feel it, fake it until you do. 

How Old Are Male Models?

Male models can be any age. Under-18’s are considered children/teen models and must therefore have a parent or guardian with them. Over 18’s are adults and can manage themselves. 

Most top models are between the ages of 17 and 21, but your career does not have to end if you are older. Some models continue to work well into their 50’s as ‘mature models’. Brands cater to different audiences and will always be on the lookout for models who can represent and appeal to their target audience. 

Types of Models

If you have a good physique, you could be a fitness model

There are many different types of male models working in different niches of the modelling industry:

– Fitness models

– Commercial models

– High fashion models

– Parts models

– Mature models

– Underwear models

– Petite models

– Plus-size male models

You don’t need to panic if you do not fit the requirements for a specific type of modelling; there are plenty of different types of modelling jobs out there. Think about which one you would suit best and look for a modelling agency who represents those types of models

Model Portfolio

Include high-quality shots in your portfolio

model portfolio is vital for taking along to model castings and interviews. A model’s portfolio is a bit like their resume; it shows off their strengths as a model, as well as their experience.

If you have yet to gain any experience modelling, you can hire a studio or photographer to take photos of you. A photoshoot will not only give you excellent experience on-set, but you will get some great photos. It’s best to have high-quality and professional images as these will be more appealing to potential employers.

You should include headshots as well as full-length body shots in your portfolio. Ensure you know exactly what you are paying for – some photographers may charge separately for the shoot and for the photos.

Your portfolio should be maintained and updated regularly.

Social Media

Social media, in particular Instagram, is a great way to market yourself and build a fanbase. Having a decent following online can attract brand attention and increase a model’s job opportunities. Brands have been known to approach ‘insta-models’ to work with them. A model with a large following has a ready-made customer base that brands want to sell to.

While it’s ok to work with brands for free occasionally to boost exposure, know what you are worth. If you are able to guarantee a brand results/sales, don’t work with them for free. 

Successful Male Models

David Gandy

Sean O’Pry

Tyson Beckford

Jon Kortajarena Redruello

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