Baby Fashion Modelling: How to Help Your Baby Into the Industry

There are few parent journeys more challenging or exciting than trying to get a baby into modelling. 

But while there is money to be made and fun to be had, there are also waiting calls, rejection slips, and jealousy to test the strongest of nerves.

Here are a few tips to give your baby the best chances of having a successful career in baby fashion modelling.

What is Baby Fashion Modelling?

Babies are required for advertising, campaigns and commercials targeted at parents. That’s where baby fashion modelling comes in. Brands like Next, Toys R Us, PampersMonsoonSmyths Toys, Disney, MothercareJohnson, Asda and Argos regularly need baby models to wear their clothing and market their toys. Lots of major brands like Gucci also need child models, though this high-end form of modelling is much tougher to get into.

How Much Does a Baby Model Make?

A baby can make anything from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand per photoshoot depending on their popularity, fame and how in-demand they are. The more in demand a toddler is, the more money they are likely to make.

What Do You Have to Pay for Your Baby to Model?

Joining a proper modelling agency is completely free and you should not have to pay any upfront fees for membership.

However, a child under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and this is where things can get expensive. A parent who gets their baby or child into modelling must be happy to regularly transport their child to the relevant photoshoot destinations. Some agencies will pay this money back, but most beginners must pay out their own pocket for transportation costs.

Bare in mind that you will have to transport them to all their interviews and casting calls, as well as any jobs they land. Failed interviews will not result in any money so parents must be comfortable knowing this. Big jobs will most likely take place in a main city so you must be comfortable transporting your baby to and from major cities like London.

A successful baby model can be very time consuming for the parent/guardian as they will have to rush their child to and from all castings. It’s best not to turn down interview opportunities as agencies will see this as flaky, so you must also be flexible and happy to adapt.

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How Young Can a Baby Model Be?

Newborn babies are used in commercials for formula and baby clothing, so a baby can be any age to become a model. Babies who model from a young age regularly go on to continue modelling in their teen and later years because they gain lots of experience in their youth and are able to build a great portfolio.

The younger a baby, the less aware they will be of what is going on and the more the parent will have to look after and manage them. No matter how old, if a child says they do not wish to model it is the parent’s responsibility to listen to their child. An unhappy baby or child will not photograph well and it is not worth making them miserable.

Can a Baby Be Signed to an Agency?

Yes, a baby can be signed to an agency, and it’s a good idea for a number of reasons:

1. Being signed to an agency will save you time finding and applying to individual modelling jobs.

2. An agency will protect and support their model.

3. A modelling agency can help a model be more successful.

4. There will be a contract in place so you will know what to expect.

Is My Baby Right For Modelling?

Some babies and children are not cut out for modelling and no parent should force their child into doing something they find unenjoyable or uncomfortable. The best baby models have fun on the day and are comfortable with travelling, waiting and being surrounded by strangers and bright lights.

A photoshoot can be an overwhelming experience so if your baby shies away from new experiences, modelling may not be suitable for them.

Is your baby happy to pose in front of the camera? Do they hide their face, or are they good at sitting still until you get the right shot? These attributes will really help a baby model be successful.

If your baby is naturally smiley and doesn’t often throw a tantrum, they will be a good fit for baby modelling.

A career in modelling requires lots of travelling and constantly meeting new people. If your infant hates these things, they will not enjoy modelling.

Generally speaking, if your baby has a pleasant and happy personality and is considered to be a beautiful baby, your infant could be ideal for modelling. 

How Can I Get My Baby Into Modelling?

The best way to get your baby into modelling is to get them signed to an agency.

First, research which modelling or talent agencies you want to apply to. There are many scam agencies out there so make sure you check each one properly. You can find their apply page somewhere on their website. Make sure you agree with the general ethos of the company and read any reviews you can find.

You can apply to as many agencies as you want as many times as you want, but a good rule of thumb is to only apply to the same agency once every six months.

You will need a professional model portfolio for your child. This is a folder containing up to 20 modelling photos of them. This portfolio will be taken to all castings and interviews to help brands and agencies decide whether or not to work with them. Make sure you include good quality photos that show off their range as a model. You will also need to include their clothing and shoe sizes and height measurements. Try to include full-length body shots as well as portraits

Successful applicants will be invited to an in-person interview or casting call. This will usually take place at the agency’s headquarters which are most commonly found in main cities such as London and Manchester.

If you are unsuccessful, you will likely not hear back at all. Don’t be discouraged as all models face rejection at some point during their careers.

Social media is also a great tool to help models become noticed. Parents like to manage their child’s social media pages (as obviously a baby/child is too young to use it). However, caution should be used when using social media for children. The internet can be a dangerous place and measures should always be taken to ensure the safety of your child.

As a baby gets older and enters their school years, you will have to have an excellent relationship with their school for them to allow you to take your child to castings and jobs. Your child will likely have to miss social engagements when jobs come up and they will have to catch up on school work outside of school hours.

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