Could I Be a Male Model?

Modelling is a popular career for young people to want to get into. But there are certain requirements that need to be met before you can be considered by modelling agencies and brands.

Read on to discover whether you could be a male model.


Height is one of the most important aspects of a model. While there is a petite model category in many agencies, high-fashion demands that male models meet a specific measurement.

Generally, male models in high fashion must be between 5’11” and 6’3″. Anyone above or below that may struggle to find work as a runway model.

But don’t panic – things are a little bit more relaxed for commercial models. They still prefer those who are 5’11” and above, but shorter models may be considered if they have the right look. And there is always the petite modelling category, which actively looks for models on the shorter side to cater to brands whose target audience is below 5’11”.


For the high fashion modelling industry, again things are strict. A male model’s waist should measure between 29-32 inches, and their chest should be around 39-40 inches. They must fit into a 40r jacket. This figure may differ slightly from brand to brand, but generally these are the statistics most agencies are looking for. 

Commercial models can enjoy more relaxed requirements that differ from agency to agency, and will also be affected by the type of modelling niche you wish to enter into. For example, petite models or plus-size models will have different requirements compared to those entering general commercial modelling. 


Believe it or not, there’s no set standard for what a model “should” look like. Take a look at different brands, billboards and publications and you will see a wide array of models. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what one agency/brand loves, another agency/brand may not. Different brands will also have different target audiences and will therefore require different looking models to cater to each consumer market.

That means there’s a good chance you will get considered if you meet the measurement and height requirements for the agency you want to apply to.

Generally speaking, agencies and brands will look for the following:

– Bright, attractive eyes (no bags or darkness)

– A great smile (teeth don’t necessarily have to be straight and even, but they do have to be clean and white – no stains or chips)

– Good skin (this is because good skin is easier and faster to put make-up onto, and it will take the post-photoshoot editing team less time, and therefore money, to edit the photos)

– Well-maintained nails, feet, hands, brows etc. Nails should be kept short and clean on men – not bitten or stained. Feet should be regularly seen to by exfoliating and moisturising the skin to prevent dryness or cracked heels. Hands should be clean and moisturised regularly. Basically, male models should have a good grooming routine.


Modelling isn’t just about looks and posing in front of the camera. Agencies and brands want to work with models who are hard working, positive and who listen well.

Male models must have a strong work ethic. That means showing up on time to jobs, making every effort to attend casting calls and auditions and being polite to those they work with.

They must also have the ability to listen to and follow instructions. This is very important as photo shoots can be busy, loud and stressful places. Photographers and directors will not have the time or patience to guide you step by step through every pose and action. You must therefore listen carefully and try to follow any advice given to you.

Different Types of Male Models

‚ÄčTherearemany different niches of modelling that male models can choose to enter into, or that you may be better suited for:

– High fashion. As discussed above, high fashion modelling (also known as runway or catwalk modelling) is the most difficult to get into, with the strictest requirements. High fashion models will work for the most expensive premium brands, regularly shoot editorials and will walk on runways around the world. 

– Catalogue modelling. Catalogue models help to advertisement clothing and accessories (most often online) for high street brands and sometimes premium brands. Lots of different brands exist, and they each need a model who caters to their specific audience. 

– Plus-size. This is a growing niche of modelling and demand is getting higher for male plus-size models. Some modelling agencies have a plus-size category. 

– Petite. This section of commercial modelling caters to shorter men.

– Fitness models. There’s a growing demand for male fitness models. These models must have an athletic or muscular physique. 

– Alternative models. These male models have tattoos, piercings and unusual hair styles or colours. 

Famous Male Models to Inspire You:

– David Gandy

– Sean O’Pry

– Tyson Beckford

– Lucky Blue Smith

– Luka Sabbat

– Jon Kortajarena

– Johannes Huebi

– Evandro Soldati

Male Model Grooming Advice

Male models need to maintain a vigilant grooming routine so their skin, hair, nails, teeth and every other body part are at their absolute best. A model needs to maintain their looks year-round, so it’s important you create a routine you can stick to long-term. 

– Skincare. Male models should have a good skincare routine to prevent spots, combat signs of ageing and to maintain overall healthy, glowing skin. Remember that male models must often wear make-up on shoots just like female models, and you should therefore know how to properly remove make-up and care for your skin. 

– Manis and pedis. Nail care is not just for women! A manicure doesn’t mean you have to have long, painted nails. For men, a manicure and pedicure will buff off dead skin, moisturise your hands and feet and polish the nails into a neat, tidy shape. Male models should make an effort to look after their hands and feet. You don’t always have to go to a professional; learn how to do it at-home for a cheaper option. 

– Haircare. If you have hair, it needs to be washed and regularly trimmed to keep it looking neat. If your hair is dyed or bleached, make sure the roots are touched up regularly. 

Do I Need Modelling Experience?

Everyone has to start somewhere, so it is not imperative that you have modelling experience before getting paid modelling work. If you are a complete beginner, you should think about booking into a professional photo studio. Not only will this give you valuable experience in front of the camera and in a photo shoot environment, but it will also give you the opportunity to walk away with some high-quality photos that you can later use in your agency applications and in your modelling portfolio (aka your modelling resume).

I’m Interested in Becoming a Male Model – What Now?

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