Ginger Fashion Models: Redheads Ruling the Runway

Redheads are an increasingly rare phenomenon, making up only 2% of the world’s population. If you have red hair and blue eyes, it’s even more uncommon; only 0.17% of the world’s population have both.

Redheads are not commonly seen in film, on TV or walking the runway because of their rarity, but when they are seen they always make an impression.

Here, we take a look at some of the top ginger fashion models.

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Redheads in the Media

Many redheads have faced a lot of prejudice personally for their hair colour, while the media has also been unkind to gingers. Male redheads in film and television are often cast as comedic relief rather than a serious or sexy character. Often, any redheads who to make it into strong leading parts are replaced (Bill in the book ‘IT’ was a redhead, but was made a brunette in the film).

Girls, too, are regularly cast as the baddie (Myrtle in Lilo and Stitch) or nerdy (Willow in Buffy The Vampire Slayer) character, and very rarely play a leading role. Redheads are regularly cast as overweight and are often shy, geeky, unconfident and unpopular.

Popular culture, however, is changing. A rise in popular redheaded celebrities (Ed Sheeran, Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain, Karen Gillan, Prince Harry) has meant redheads have finally been able to shun the typecasting and play more interesting characters.

Vivian in Pretty Woman (played by Julia Roberts) spots gorgeous thick red curls (that, admittedly, she hides under a blonde wig to begin with). Black Widow in the Avengers franchise (played by Scarlett Johansson) sported bright red locks – though she slowly morphs into a blonde later in the films. Christina Hendricks played a curvy redhead Mad Men. The Netflix show Bridgerton features a family of redheads, one of whom becomes a leading character played by Nicola Coughlan. The character Gisele (played by actress Amy Adams) in the film Enchanted has long red hair. Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones (played by Sophie Turner) was an eye-catching redhead. And Emma Stone took the leading role as a redhead in the film ‘Easy A’.

However, all these actresses have one thing in common – none of them are natural redheads.

Fortunately, in the modelling industry nowadays it is a different story. Redheads have a very iconic look that is difficult to replicate; pale skin, freckles, pale eyelashes and eyebrows. Anyone who dyes their hair has upkeep to think about which is tricky, costly and time-consuming. Natural redheads stand out from the crowd of blondes and brunettes, which has made their demand soar.

That’s not to say redheads didn’t have a hard job finding work in the past; as recently as 2012, agencies have claimed to have no redheads on their books because there was no demand for them. Fortunately, the past two decades have seen that change and redheads now have a great chance of being signed and finding work. Now, most agencies will have at least one redhead signed to their books.

ginger fashion models

What Does it Take to be a Ginger Model?

As with every hair colour, redheaded models must meet the criteria demanded of all models. That means that high-fashion models must be a minimum of 5’8″ with a 6-8 dress size and a 34″-24″-34″ bust, waist and hip measurement. Commercial models do not have to meet such strict requirements, depending on the niche of modelling you enter.

Because of their fair skin, redheaded models must be careful about bruising or otherwise marking their skin as this could lose them work. Redheaded models must also be more aware of sun damage as they burn more easily; they should wear an SPF every day on areas of their skin that is not covered, such as the face and neck.

If a redhead has freckles, they should be conscious about protecting these too. Sun will create more/larger and darker freckles, which can look very attractive on the face but may start to appear splodgy as the model ages or with too much sun exposure.

Redheads can tend to have more sensitive skin than other people, so their skincare and make-up routines may differ slightly to protect their delicate skin.

As a personal preference, some redheaded models like to tint their eyebrows and eyelashes to make them more visible, though some agencies and brands will prefer the more natural, pale look.

As their hair is so much lighter than a brunettes, their leg and underarm hair is far less visible, though a redheaded model will still need to ensure these areas are smooth and hair-free.

Top Ginger Fashion Models

Karen Elson

Cintia Dicker

Lily Cole

Alexina Graham

Julia Hafstrom

Rianne Van Rompaey

Karen Gillan

Kiki Willems

Male Redheaded Models

Marc Goldfinger

Peabo Powell

Ben Bengtsson

Linus W

Why Modelling Agencies Love Redheads

– Redheads really stand out from the crowd and most agencies love to have a diverse range of models on their books so they can cover any requests from brands.

– Brands love to hire redheads because they really catch the eye, particularly when cast alongside blondes and brunettes.

– Brands are trying to showcase their products on a diverse range of skin tones. Redheads have notoriously pale skin which can show products in a whole new light.

– Freckles have become incredibly popular in fashion. Some people are going as far as to have them tattooed on, while others prefer to mimic them with make-up. Natural redheads who sport freckles are currently very on-trend.

Brands Who Love Redheads:

– Marc Jacobs

​- Dior

– Givenchy

– Louis Vuitton

– Tom Ford

– Yves Saint Laurent

– Chanel

– Valentino

– Victoria’s Secret

– Versace

– Alexander McQueen

– Jean Paul Gaultier

How to Make the Most of Your Red Hair

Red hair can be extremely beautiful, but you need to take care of it to make the most of it.

Red hair is generally thicker per strand than other hair types, but thinner overall (there are less hairs on a redhead’s head in general compared to blondes and brunettes). That means red hair needs a good conditioner to ensure strands are moisturised and shiny. There are also hair products designed specifically for redheads to help bring out the colour and shine.

Red hair can often look more oily than other hair types as it tends to reflect oil more. Hair should be washed and dry shampoos should be used between washes when the scalp starts to appear too shiny.

It should also be regularly maintained by a professional hairdresser, who can cut off split ends and choose a haircut that will most suit your face shape.

Some people choose to have highlights or lowlights in their red hair, while others have intense treatments to revitalise their red colour and make it pop.

Top make-up artists advise avoiding red-coloured brow products as these can look unnatural and it can be incredibly difficult to colour-match red hair accurately. Make-up in general needs to be selected carefully. It can be difficult to find shades of foundation and concealer that suit pale skin, and bronzer can sometimes look too orange.

Famous Celebs with Ginger Hair

– Ed Sheeran

– Jessica Chastain

– Julianne Moore

– Bryce Dallas Howard

– Nicole Kidman

– Tom Hiddleston

– Michael Fassbender

– Rupert Grint

– Madelaine Petsch

How to Be a Redhead Ambassador

Redheaded models should be proud of their hair and skin and not try to cover it up. Fake tan should be used when a glow is desired, but you shouldn’t feel the need to mask or cover up a beautiful ivory complexion. Most brands and agencies love redheads who embrace their look and make it work for them, rather than fighting what nature gave you.

Just like other models, redheaded models must meet the requirements demanded of high fashion if they wish to work for designer brands and on the catwalk. That means meeting the height and body measurements required. High fashion models are tall and willowy with an hourglass physique. Catalogue models can be slightly more relaxed about their body types but they are still expected to be in proportion with a smaller waist.

If you are unsure whether you have the right look to be a model, register with us today. We can help advise you on getting into the modelling industry.

Check out the video below to see just how gorgeous redheads and ginger models can be: 

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