Glamour Modelling: A Guide for Beginners

Glamour modelling is very popular today and can be a lucrative job or hobby. However, like all forms of modelling it’s not always as glamourous as it appears. There are some things to know before chasing a career in it. Read on to find out everything you need to know about glamour modelling.

What is Glamour Modelling?

Glamour modelling is a kind of modelling that requires models to wear little to no clothing. Glamour model images are primarily targeted at men and can be found in magazines (men’s magazines in particular), newspapers, swimsuit calendars and online.

glamour model‘s job is not necessarily to sell products or clothing via advertising like a traditional model. Instead, it is to sell themselves. Their goal is to be lusted after.

Glamour modelling is nearly always for commercial use. In Englandglamour models were commonly called ‘page 3’ models due to some newspapers featuring a topless glamour model on the third page.

Playboy magazine is one of the most famous and obvious places to see glamour models.

You must be 18 years old or over to participate in glamour modelling. Most glamour models feel comfortable going topless or modelling nude, though nude modelling is not mandatory.

Glamour modelling requires plenty of confidence and a great physique. While there isn’t a height requirement, female models are generally expected to have a large bust and hourglass figure.

Glamour modelling is all about sex appeal. You must be comfortable posing in erotic poses and wearing very little clothing (lingerie, bikinis etc.)

Famous glamour models include Jordan (aka Katie Price) and Lucy Pinder.

Can Men Be Glamour Models?

Glamour modelling is a woman’s world; there aren’t many opportunities for men. Having said that, there are occasions when jobs for men crop up – for example, women’s magazines that require images of male models to accompany stories or articles.

A man would struggle to be a full-time glamour model, so he should focus on fitness modelling while keeping an eye out and accepting any glamour modelling opportunities that do come up.

How Much Do Glamour Models Earn?

glamour model‘s earnings depends on her popularity, how much she works and how in demand she is. Top glamour models can make a lot of money; twins Laura and Klaudia Badura can make up to £1000 per post on their Instagram page.

Do Glamour Models Need an Agency?

It is a very good idea to have an agency for glamour modelling. Due to the nature of the business, glamour models are prone to scams and unwanted attention from potential predators. It’s vital glamour models know how to stay safe, and having a good agent is a great way to protect yourself.

There are agencies who work primarily with glamour models. You should always make sure to read any contracts thoroughly before signing and ensure you are 100% comfortable before committing.

How Do Glamour Models Stay Safe?

Safety is a huge concern for glamour models. Unfortunately, some men feel that they can hit on and even try to coerce glamour models into uncomfortable situations in exchange for money or work.

At photoshoots, a glamour model must not be afraid to vocalise when they feel uncomfortable. On occasion, photographers and other shoot members may attempt to ‘try it on’ with a glamour model. This is highly unprofessional and a model should always feel comfortable and safe to say no. A good agency will support and protect it’s models and their privacy from this type of thing.

Never compromise your safety for an opportunity. Some men in powerful positions may try to convince glamour models to participate in sex in exchange for work. Professional glamour models will always turn these types of offers down.

glamour model should never ‘give in’ to anyone who is trying to convince them to do something they don’t want to do.

How to Become a Glamour Model

Glamour modelling, much like all other forms of modelling, does not happen overnight. If you want to become a glamour model the best thing to do is start applying to agencies and modelling jobs in your spare time. Find work around your regular job.

Apply to as many agencies as you can. Make sure to research each one first so you know they are respectable and reliable. The best place to find and research agencies is online. It’s really important that glamour models find an agency that will protect them and keep them safe.

Do not accept work from strangers on social media. Always do background research on anyone who contacts you via these unprofessional portals. Never ring a phone number or contact an e-mail address that is given to you via social media; always find the official website to ensure it is a legitimate offer.

Work on having an excellent modelling portfolio. Find a photographer who has experience with glamour photography. Become comfortable with modelling in underwear and lingerie in front of the camera. A model’s portfolio should include portraits as well as full-length body shots.

Work hard to maintain your physique as glamour modelling is all about having an attractive face and body. Eat healthily and work out regularly.

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