How Do Hair Models Take Care of Their Hair?

Even for regular models, hair maintenance is an essential part of a model’s self-care routine. But for hair models, it’s even more important; dye, bleach and heat damage can all play havoc with your tresses, and hair models have to deal with this constantly as part of their job. 

So how do hair models keep their hair healthy and photo-ready?

1. Don’t shampoo every day

A lot of people like to shampoo their hair every day particularly if they have short hair, but this can be damaging and overly drying. It’s better to only wash the hair two or three times a week, and use dry shampoo to keep oil at bay on the days you don’t wash it. 

You can also use an oily scalp to your advantage by clicking back the hair in a Kendall Jenner-inspired tight bun. 

hair models

2. Use hair masks. 

Hair masks are great for helping rebuild damaged hair. They introduce moisture, keeping hair strong and shiny. There are different types of masks, depending on your hair type. Choose one that will cater to your specific hair concern. 

Try sleeping in one overnight once a week for an extra boost of moisture. Slick the mask over dry hair and pop your hair in a loose plait or bun. Wash your hair in the morning and your hair will be deeply nourished and soft. 

3. Use heat protection. 

Heat protection sprays will help to prevent damage done by hairdryers, straighteners and curling tongs. Make sure you choose a high-quality one, and spray it liberally over hair before any styling takes place. 

When at work, talk to your hair stylist about heat protection; it might be worth bringing along your favourite in your purse for them to use. 

4. Sleep with a silk hair cap on, or use a silk pillowcase.

Sleep can wreak havoc on our hair. A silk hair cap is a great way to protect hair styles and reduce frizz. Silk pillows also help keep hair smooth and shiny; they also have additional skincare benefits because they’re more gentle than cotton alternatives. 

5. Don’t use heat on your days off. 

Try a non-heat styling method to style your hair when not modelling. There are plenty of tutorials onYouTube that show you how to use a dressing gown robe to create beautiful curls.

6. Visit the hairdresser regularly. 

You should try to get your hair cut at least every 6 weeks or so to get rid of split ends and keep hair healthy. Shorter hairstyles will need maintaining, and models with long hair will have older hair which may need upkeeping. If your hair is dyed or you have a fringe, you may need to book in even more often.

Your hairdresser should also be able to advise on the best hairstyles to keep your hair healthy. If you tend to throw your hair up most days, it might be better to go with a shorter cut that is easier for you to manage. Always talk to your modelling agency before getting a new cut in case it affects your work.

Salon hair stylists may also be able to recommend certain products or methods that you can do yourself to help decrease the risk of damage. 

7. Avoid sleeping with your hair down

Sleeping with your hair down can encourage hair breakage, as well as knotting and tangling. To protect your hair while you sleep, try putting it in a loose plait. A top bun is a great way to make hair have volume the next day. 

8. Invest in a high-quality hairbrush.

Some hairbrushes are really damaging to the hair; they’re far too hard and can pull and break the hair, leaving split ends. Invest in a good hairbrush to help care for your tresses each day. 

9. Use beard oil. 

If you’re a male model, you may have to get your beard styled for modelling work. This can damage the often wiry and dry hair that is produced on the chin. Try using a specially-formulated beard oil each morning after your shower to nourish the hairs and keep them hydrated. 

10. Use the right products. 

There are so many hair products out there, it can be difficult to know which ones actually work. Do your research and make sure your products aren’t actually causing any damage. 

Those with bleached or dyed hair will have more hair damage, so look for specific products made for your hair. For those with curly hair or frizzy hair, products that hydrate and smooth will be best. For anyone with thin or straggly hair, look for products that will help boost volume and keep a wave in. 

Brands like Herbal Essences and Tresemme are affordable and effective. If you have the budget, Olaplex is incredibly popular. Try to change up your products every so often as your hair can get used to it, and they can stop working as well.

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