How to Become a Professional Foot Model

Professional foot models are mostly women who earn money by showing off their bare feet and modelling shoes for famous shoe companies. Most of these models work part-time and have other jobs to supplement their income.

Read on to discover how to become a shoe model.

What is a Body Parts Model?

body part model is someone who models using just one part of their body. Foot models, for example, are only selected depending on the attractiveness of their feet and lower legs. Leg models are chosen based on the attractiveness of their legs.

If you have a particularly attractive body part, a career in body part modelling may be for you. Body part modelling includes the feet, legs, hands, lips, and even the bum and ears.

Body part models are used in advertising campaigns, usually when a close-up is required.

Famous Foot Models

Zara Miller

– Ashleigh Morris

– Claire Kesby-Smith

– Beverley Brown

– Hannah Howells

– Scott Adams

– Elisha Cuthbert

Who Can Become a Foot Model?

Anyone with attractive feet can become a foot model. Foot models are needed for product close-ups, usually of shoes but it can also be for advertising pedicures, socks, foot jewellery like ankle bracelets and toe rings, skin medication or anything else associated with the feet.

While it’s difficult to become a full-time parts model, many feet models can make extra cash alongside another job or even receive free shoes.

What Do Attractive Feet Look Like?

Foot models must take great care of their feet and lower leg. They have to actively avoid bumping and bruising their lower limbs. They avoid wearing high heels in social hours because these can cause bunions and blisters. They try to move often and avoid sitting for lengthy periods of time as this can cause varicose veins.

Bruises, grazes, calluses and blisters can put a foot model out of action for a week, ultimately losing them work and money.

They must also take care of their skin by exfoliating, body brushing and moisturising each day to give it a healthy glowNails, too, must be kept trimmed and buffed – no discolouration or jagged edges.

It’s a good idea to learn how to give yourself a proper pedicure. Exfoliating dead skin and using nail polishes will become a daily reality for feet models.

You should avoid getting tattoos in this area as it will decrease your job opportunities.

Remember, too, that your legs will regularly feature in feet modelling. You will likely be required to wax or shave hair off legs as well as moisturise the skin. You will have to focus on this area during exercise to create lean, toned pins.

How to Give Yourself a Pedicure

How to Become a Foot Model

To become a foot model, you can either get signed to an agency or work freelance.

To work freelance, you must find work yourself or know the right people. Freelance models spend a lot of time finding opportunities to apply to.

Getting signed to an agency means jobs will regularly be brought to you and you will have the opportunity to interview for more potential jobs. However, the agency will take a cut of whatever you make.

How to Get Signed to a Modelling Agency

A foot model should look for a body parts agency as these agencies will specialise in working with these types of models.

Do some research and find the best ones in your country.

You can apply to as many agencies as you want, as many times as you want. Try not to re-apply to the same agency more than once every 6 months.

If you are successful, the agency will get in contact and invite you to a casting call. If you are unsuccessful, you won’t hear anything back.

Don’t become despondent if you don’t hear back. There are a number of reasons why an agency may reject you. They may not have any spaces, or they may have a model who looks like you already signed. Or your look might not be in-demand or match their clientele’s wishes at that time. 

Rejection is a very common part of the modelling industry and you must become accustomed to it and overcome it in order to succeed.

Your Modelling Portfolio

Your modelling portfolio should focus on the body part you wish to model. Your portfolio is incredibly important as it will be the main tool used by agencies and brands to decide whether to work with you or not.

Aspiring foot models should include a range of photos of their feet to show off their modelling experience and potential.

If you have no experience yet as a model, it’s a good idea to hire a professional photographer (specifically one with experience in modelling photography) to take images for you. The shoot will give you valuable experience and you will be able to purchase your favourite photos for your portfolio.

Read magazines and look at shoe adverts for inspiration on how to model your feet in the most flattering light. Practice in front of a mirror and in front of a camera. Learn which angles work best for you.

Is Foot Modelling Right For You?

If you have an asset you believe to be above average in terms of attractiveness, body parts modelling may be right for you. You are unlikely to reach high levels of fame in this category, but some of the top feet models make up to £3000 per image so there is money to be made.

You must keep your asset in top condition if you are serious about modelling with it. This may mean missing social events if it could jeopardise the health or look of your body part.

You must feel comfortable with close-up photography and be happy posing in front of the camera.

As with all types of modelling, you must be ok with interviewing for multiple jobs and then travelling to those jobs if you are successful.

It is uncommon for body part model to need to go abroad though there may be the odd job that requires it.

If your body part is a limb like the legs, you must keep the muscles and ligaments healthy by working out and keeping them toned.

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