Modelling Advice: How to Stay Healthy as a Model

healthy body comes from having a healthy lifestyle. Models in particular know what to eat and how to work out to ensure they’re healthy all year round.

Read on to learn how to develop the good habits formed by top models in order to stay healthy.

Do Models Have the Perfect Lifestyle?

It’s a common misconception that models live perfect lifestyles. Even models are allowed off-days and regularly indulge in some unhealthy habits.

The key, as any model will attest, is balance. Models eat healthily and workout regularly 80% of the time. The other 20% of the time, they allow themselves plenty of rest and the odd treat or two.

Most models do have a routine that they stick to in order to keep themselves accountable and maintain their tight schedules. Eating well and exercising can be time consuming and boring; consistency is vital, so having a carefully-formulated plan will help you stick to your

How Do Models Stay Healthy?

What Do Models Eat?

Models are very slender because they are very careful about what they eat. They work with expert nutritionists to develop plans that are catered specifically to their body types, lifestyles and activity levels.

All bodies are built differently. Some are naturally built slimmer, while other people put on weight more easily. Some people need more protein, while others can have more healthy fats. A nutritionist takes all of this into account and builds at eating plan specifically designed for a model’s unique requirements.

Models tend to eat well 80% of the time, while the other 20% of the time they have a more relaxed approach. They eat a lot of vegetables and lean protein like chicken. They tend to avoid sugar and complex carbs.

When leading up to an important or high-profile show or photoshoot, models will follow a very strict diet for up to 6 weeks before.

An example of a model’s diet looks something like this:

Breakfast: 4 egg whites, oatmeal with berries and green tea

LunchChicken salad

DinnerSalmon with vegetables

Other foods that models seem to love are avacado toast, smoothies and juices; a lot of models claim juicing is a great way to get extra nutrients. Homemade celery juice in particular is very popular.

Models also like to take supplements like protein shakes to help boost their nutrient intake, help them build muscles and prevent muscle soreness.

Watch this video for an example of a strict diet and exercise routine on the lead-up to a photoshoot.

Do Models Have “Cheat” Days/Meals?

Models don’t always eat well – they have cravings and weak spots just like everyone else! Models like to indulge in the odd treat occasionally. Most don’t like to call it a ‘cheat meal’ or ‘cheat day’ as it emphasises the notion that eating treats is ‘wrong’. Models don’t like to think of food like this; many believe that no food should be off-limits, but unhealthy foods should be eaten in moderation.

Models also snack, but they choose healthy options over fatty sugary ones generally. Things like nuts and fruit are a favourite.

How Do Models Workout?

Models have workout routines and schedules that it is important they stick to. They will work with a personal trainer to cater specific exercises to their body types. Many do cardio twice a week followed by weight training or resistance training to help tone and lengthen limbs.

Models work hard to ensure their muscles are even and proportional. Many of us have a more dominant side; this side tends to have larger muscles because we use it more often. A model’s routine will therefore work to ensure their muscles are even on both sides.

Their workouts also focus on good body posture. Low shoulders, a straight spine and long, lean legs are regularly focused on.

Models workout up to 6 days a week, which can increase to 7 if they have a show coming up. Most recognise that rest days are equally as important to ensure the body is well-rested and to give muscles a chance to heal, though many tend to have ‘active rest’ days (walking, swimming etc – low impact exercises).

Models are generally very active in day to day life as they have so much going on. They must travel constantly and don’t have much time to be lazy. This in itself helps them burn fat and ensure the number of calories they burn is higher than their calorie intake.

Many models have home gyms that their personal trainers come to.

Having muscles also means that more fat is burnt when at rest. Muscles work hard to ensure their muscles are toned and lean, which means regular weight-lifting.

Exercises that models like include:

  • Spin class
  • Barre class
  • Weight training
  • Resistant band training
  • Circuits
  • Calisthenics
  • Yoga and pilates

Developing Healthy Habits

​All models say that building healthy habits is the best way to ensure you are healthy as much as possible. This means having a schedule and sticking to it.

It is said that something becomes a habit after 18 days of don’t, though this differs from person to person. It can take 2 months before a new behaviour becomes automatic.

No one is perfect so allow yourself to make slip-ups and fall off the bandwagon occasionally. Just try to keep motivated and don’t let yourself give up completely.

Healthy habits include working out 4/5 times a week and eating several square meals a day to keep metabolism running high.

Do lots of research and figure out what is best for you. It’s best to talk to experts so you know you’re getting the best, most scientifically-backed advice. Don’t follow trends you see online – they rarely work and most aren’t safe.

How Much Water Do Models Drink?

Models drink lots of water throughout the day. A healthy goal is 2 litres of fluid (it doesn’t have to be water, though this is healthiest).

Other fluids that models like to consume are green tea, chamomile tea and jasmine tea. Many like coffee though they try to limit their intake.

Models tend to avoid alcohol except for special occasions.

Signs You Are Healthy

Doctors say the following are good signs that you are healthy:

  • You have regular periods
  • You have thick, shiny hair and healthy nails
  • You don’t get many headaches
  • You have lots of energy
  • They are mentally and emotionally well
  • You have good circulation
  • You eat plenty of fruit and veggies and don’t have any vitamin or mineral deficiencies

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