Modelling with Insecurities

Everyone has insecurities, and that includes the world’s most beautiful people.

It’s hard to imagine what models have to be insecure about, but Miranda Kerr famously stated that models are the most insecure people she knows.

So why do the people whose job is it to represent beauty feel so self-conscious about their appearance?

Models Are the Epitome of Beauty – Why Are They Self-Conscious?

Models may be what most of society deems to be the “ideal” representation of beauty, but they are put under constant pressure to look a certain way.

Modelling agencies have many requirements that models must meet in order to be signed by them. Their height, weight, face, skin, hair and body measurements are all looked at and criticised on a regular basis.

Brands have further requirements that they want for their campaigns and runways. Models are regularly told to lose weight or inches in order to meet certain criteria. As well as this, all models face rejection as some point when they do not suit the ideals requested by brands.

The public also has an opinion on what they want models to look like. Social media has made it easier than ever for online bullies to make their negativity heard. Models are under constant scrutiny, not just from their employers but also from consumers.

Models are also in constant competition with each other to bag placements and jobs. We are constantly comparing ourselves to unrealistic beauty ideals seen online; imagining being among these people in-person.

Everyone has insecurities, including models

No One is Perfect

Models may look perfect in images and on runways, but the reality is that only a fraction of the world’s population has the requirements to be a supermodel. This comes from having good genes and from being in the right place at the right time to be scouted.

Models and celebrities in commercial and other modelling subcategories are also photoshopped in the images we see online, giving us a false sense of realistic beauty.

Models also have a large team of beauty experts to help them get ready for photoshoots and events. As well as make-up, skin care and hair experts, they will also have fitness instructors and nutritionists to help them stay in shape.

The people we see most often in the news and on social media also have the money and the means to spend a lot of time and money on their appearances. Many have plastic surgery (and most do not let on about it). They also have access to the best cosmetic procedures, make-up, skin care and hairdressers the world has to offer. Remember, it is their job to look good so they have far more time and money to spend doing it.

But no matter how much help someone has to be beautiful, there are still little imperfections that we all have that will cause insecurities in models.

What Sort of Insecurities Do Models Have?

Models have the same insecurities as everyone else. Many will be about what other people have pointed out to them, which is why it is so important to always be kind to people.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – if you hate the way your nose looks, the chances are that someone else thinks it is the epitome of beauty. Unfortunately, we are wired to listen more to people’s negative comments than we are to their positive comments – and models receive a lot of critique in their line of work.

How to Overcome Insecurities

Looking after your mental health and having a positive mindset is incredibly important in the fashion industry.

Growing a Thick Skin

To ensure their mental health, models must grow a thick skin. This is easier said than done – many of us struggle to shake of negativity, models included. The nature of the fashion industry is that models will constantly be looked at and judged for their appearance alone. Being confident in oneself, having limits and being capable of saying no are all things a model should be able to do.

People who are naturally sensitive will likely struggle in the modelling industry; it may be best to thing of an alternative career.

Be Healthy

Health should always be more important than looks, and that should be a model’s top priority. It is not unheard of that an agency or brand asks a model to lose weight, usually within a short time frame. A model should be capable of turning down this request if it is not healthy or safe for them to do so. There are many other opportunities out there – it is not worth jeopardising your health for the sake of one runway or shoot.

Eating well and exercising regularly also keeps the brain functioning properly. This in turn will help keep anxiety and depression away which can be caused or exacerbated by a lack of proper nutrients.

Social Media

A lot of models steer clear of social media or take regular breaks to avoid the negative comments on there. When you put yourself out there, people will always have something to say about it, and not all of it will be nice. Social media is particularly harsh because people are able to make comments they would never dare say in-person. This anonymity has caused an outbreak of “trolls” (aka online bullies) as they can hide safely behind a screen without fearing repercussions for their nastiness.


Many models speak about the benefits of meditation. By spending 10 minutes each day focusing on their inner peace, they are able to focus on the important things and cancel out unwanted negativity.

Meditation can take some practice before benefits are felt, however it has been seen to have positive results in many aspects of life, not just dealing with negativity.

Be Kind

Being kind to yourself is hugely important, not just for models who regularly receive so much criticism but for everyone. No one is perfect and we all have things we dislike about ourselves. But punishing ourselves or being cruel to ourselves will not alter these things, nor will they make us feel any better.

Having a more positive relationship with yourself is a critical part of having an overall more positive outset. Try to only say things to yourself that you would say to your best friend or partner – you’ll soon notice the difference being kinder has.

Practice Self-Approval

Also known as self-acceptance, self-approval is about valuing, loving and accepting ourselves.

When we believe that nothing we do is ever good enough, this can lead to negative emotions and even burnouts. Recognising your worth is an ongoing thing that all of us should try to master.

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