Pack Like a Model: How to Pack for a Trip Like a Pro

Packing for a trip can be stressful if you don’t know how to utilise the little space you have. Models are constantly travelling and must learn how to effectively and quickly pack a case whilst also planning for any eventuality. Here are some great tips for how to travel conscientiously. 

How Often Do Models Travel?

Models travel constantly for work, though the amount differs on how successful the model is and whether or not they work as a model full-time. Supermodels regularly jet all over the world to attend shows like the New York or Paris Fashion Week, as well as photoshoots, interviews and more.

How Long Do Models Travel For?

It might be a quick weekend away, or a few weeks in several different countries. Models have to be flexible and ready to be away for home for months at a time, especially if they have jobs that are one after the other.

They rely heavily on hotel laundry services to clean clothes and de-wrinkle them before wearing them. Models also regularly receive further clothing and accessories through the mail, either from home or from the brands themselves. Top models are gifted clothing and products to wear to certain events and can even borrow outfits.

How Much Luggage Do Models Take With Them?

The amount of luggage a model travels with depends entirely on the job they are travelling for and the extent of time the job will take. A model usually takes a carry-on bag as well as a large suitcase or even two depending on how much they need.

Models try not to take luggage they need to check-in because it takes so long. When they must travel all the time, the waiting time adds up.

Seasoned travellers, like top models, are able to hone down their packing so they do not have to drag as many cases around from hotel to hotel. It is a practiced art that will be really handy in the fashion industry.

What Do Models Pack in Their Carry-On Luggage?

Carry-on luggage is very important; not only does it contain must-have items that models need during travel but it is also the bag they rely on if their main luggage goes missing (an unfortunate but entirely possible thing that happens fairly regularly!)

A model’s carry-on usually contains the following:

  • Moisturiser or facial spritz to keep skin hydrated and refreshed
  • Water bottle
  • Important documents
  • Residue-free frizz taming product to keep locks shiny and frizz-free
  • Make-up including a concealer, lip balm and brow/mascara tamer
  • Eye mask and earplugs (so they can catch some sleep during long-haul flights)
  • Books, iPad, laptop, music etc. to keep themselves entertained
  • Sentimental or important jewellery (in case the main bag gets lost)
  • Passport
  • Mobile phone (with charger)
  • Purse
  • Another outfit to change into, perhaps even two or three depending on whether they have other luggage
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • A light jacket, a scarf that can double as a blanket, or outer layer like a hoodie to keep warm
  • Facial SPF (re-apply if you’re in an aeroplane during daylight)
  • Sunglasses (to protect eyes from the sun but also to cover tired eyes at the airport)

They will also wear something comfortable whilst travelling, like tennis shoes and stylish loungewear. Paparazzi regularly visit airports in case they see a celebrity, so airport fashion is a big thing. Dress to impress but also be comfortable.

How to Pack a Carry-On

Travelling smart is all about incorporating pieces that will work for several different outfits – in other words, the capsule wardrobe.

Remember that models will regularly borrow and get sent clothing when they arrive at their working destinations, so they don’t always have to pack every outfit they might need while away.

What they pack also depends on their destination; a colder climate will require coats, boots and jumpers, while somewhere hot will require sunglasses and dresses.

One pair of good-fitting jeans and a t-shirt or plain shirt are good staples to bring anywhere. It can be tempting to pack a lot of stuff, but remember that a model must be able to roll their case from place to place so it’s wise not to make it too heavy.

Choose a case or bag that meets the carry-on requirements for the airline you are flying with. This information will be on the airline’s website. Ensure your bag fits within the requirements or you may not be allowed to take it onto the aircraft with you.

Check your accommodation to see what anemities they have there. You may not need to pack a towel or hairdryer, for example, as the hotel may already have one. Models like to request more hangers for their rooms because they need to hang their expensive clothing upon arrival to avoid creases.

You can take liquid in your carry-on if it is up to 100ml. Toothpaste is considered a liquid and is a good idea to pack in your carry-on along with a toothbrush to keep breath fresh and teeth clean. Your liquids must fit into a clear bag measuring 20cm x 20cm.

Nail clippers are not allowed in your carry-on, nor are scissors or tweezers (basically anything that can be considered a weapon), so pack those into your main luggage.

What Sort of Suitcase is Best?

There are many suitcases on the market. Naturally, most top models are seen sporting designer ones like Rimowa, Louis Vuitton, Tumi or Bric’s. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable options that will look chic and still protect your stuff. It’s important to choose the right suitcase for your journey to save weight and space.

Shell suitcases are great because they have a hard outer shell that protects the contents of the case from being squished.

ALWAYS choose a suitcase with wheels. You will regret choosing one without when you have to carry it around for ages. If you are only going to a quick meeting and not an overnight stay, a bag without wheels won’t be too heavy to carry around.

What is the Most Efficient Way to Pack a Suitcase?

Efficiency depends on what you find easiest. Some people prefer to roll their clothing up as they find it saves space, while others wear on neatly pressed clothing laid flat.

Try to choose a suitcase that will not have any extra space left over. If you have lots of space left after you’ve finished packing, you’re using a suitcase that is too big.

If you can, wear heavier items like ankle boots rather than packing them.

Check out this video of supermodel Miranda Kerr packing her carry-on:

Don’t Forget:

  • Remember to put your name and address on your luggage
  • Rolling clothing up is a great way to save space and prevent creases, as opposed to folding clothing
  • Try to wear your heaviest clothing/shoes
  • Try packing using neutral-toned items from your wardrobe and add pops of colour with accessories or make-up
  • Ask the hotel that you are staying in what sort of things they provide (hairdryer, towels, laundry service etc.)
  • Try to pack versatile clothing
  • Check the weather before you travel

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