Tips for How to Become a Fitness Model

Interested in becoming a model in the health and fitness industry? Read on to find out the requirements for becoming a fitness model.

What is a Fitness Model?

fitness model is a model who works hard on their physique. For men, that means building lots of muscle and being very lean. For women it usually means having toned muscles and a flat stomach with visible abs.

Fitness models find work modelling for sports attire brands, gyms and other fitness-related products.

Fitness models are predominantly chosen for their bodies, but they do also need attractive faces.

What Are the Requirements to Be a Fitness Model?

There are no height requirements to be a fitness model. Both men and women require a low percentage of body fat. Both must also work out regularly to build and tone muscles.

Unlike regular modelling, women are not generally required to have an hourglass frame, though it is usually more desirable. Long, lean legs and a round derriere are also desirable. Body weight is not important as muscle weighs more than fat.

fitness model‘s modelling portfolio should focus primarily on showing off their figure. Both headshots and full-length body shots should be included in the portfolio.

Fitness model

Do I Need to Be a Fitness Trainer to Become a Fitness Model?

fitness model does not need to be a personal trainer. However, having the education of a personal trainer will help fitness models build their physiques in a healthy way.

Most fitness models do modelling part-time. They tend to also do other fitness-related activities such as teaching others how to workout or participating in muscle and bikini competitions.

How to Be An Instagram Fitness Model

The internet has meant fitness models have many more opportunities for work. Instagram in particular is a great social media tool for aspiring fitness models to utilise. They can show off their physiques and take their own photos to share with fans and followers. They can also follow other similar models as well as brands they may want to work with or attract the attention of.

Instagram is very time consuming, but a working model should have plenty of photos from shoots to post (make sure to ask permission from the brand/photographer).

Both male and female fitness models can be successful on Instagram. The key is to post appealing photos regularly and interact with others every day.

Fitness models can make money on Instagram by getting paid for advertisements or endorsement deals, or by being a brand ambassador.

Many fitness models use YouTube and even go on to create successful fitness apps for their fans to purchase and become fitter themselves. Fitness models can become influential people in the health industry so they have a certain amount of responsibility to ensure they promote healthy means to weight loss and overall fitness.

How to Become a Fitness Model

To become a fitness model, you must workout regularly and know how to eat healthily. You must be fit all year round, so fitness should be a part of your lifestyle.

Find a modeling agency who specialises with working with fitness models as they will attract fitness companies and there will be more opportunities for work.

Look for open calls online; these are open castings that models can attend in the hopes of being noticed. You will have more chance of being noticed if your portfolio is good.

Work on having a high-quality and diverse modelling portfolio to showcase your modelling experience and flexibility. Don’t forget to work on your facial poses as well as body poses. 

Top Fitness Models

– Kayla Itsines

– Ana Cheri

– Sommer Ray

– Jen Selter

– Michelle Lewin

– Ulisses Jr.

– Sergi Constance

– Ryan Terry

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  1. Don’t be afraid to try a few different poses so you can feel confident in front of the camera and create great shots for your fitness model portfolio. Look at the top fitness models on Instagram and other social media to get a sense of how they pose and frame their shots. Fitness photographers have the training and expertise to make fitness models look good. Go for a fitness model photographer who has proven experience photographing fitness models and athletes. Many fitness photographers also have contacts in the industry and can refer you to potential fitness modeling jobs, too.

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