What Are Some Modelling Opportunities for Children

There are many modelling opportunities available for children in the industry especially in the high street sector. Many fashion brands require child models to wear their designs to advertise to parents to show the fit of the garment as well as how to style it. Young models are a vital part of the industry with many roles available to sociable, confident and mature children who wish to carve a successful modelling career from an early age. 

Do remember that with any role that your child is offered, parents will have to accompany them to ensure their safety. This goes for the casting too, which depending on how dedicated you and your child are to their career will vary considerably. Some see it as a hobby whereas others are completely committed resulting in a busy casting schedule. 

Discover the different types of roles available for child models in the industry. 

Modelling Opportunities for Children

Photoshoots for High Street Fashion Brands

High street giants such as Next, Marks and Spencers, River Island, Zara and H&M all have departments that cater for children. Not only do they require seasonal campaign material for their window and in-store displays but for their website too. These fashion establishments move at an extremely fast speed with a high product turnover. Therefore, they need to photograph children wearing the designs to sell online before the season shifts. 

The majority of the shoots are held in a studio and require for children to be captured in a natural, happy way. They must feel comfortable in front of a camera so the photographer can get the shots needed for the campaign. Your child will have to interact with other kids, who are taking part in the photoshoot and will therefore, have to be sociable with other children. This fantastic opportunity will provide the confidence needed to pursue a career as a child fashion model. Make sure your child is signed to a model agency that works with high street brands so that your son or daughter is put forward for these roles. Contacting the store or head office directly is likely to be unproductive. 

Take Part in Local Fashion Shows 

Take Part in Local Fashion Shows

Many shopping malls host fashion shows, which include a section dedicated to children. To promote their clothing range the stylists will put looks together suitable for young children. They will most likely only have a couple of appearances and will be expected to walk, run or dance confidently down the runway to a large audience. There will be rehearsals to attend prior to the show so your child knows exactly what they are doing. The show will usually be held over the weekend starting on Wednesday or Thursday and finishing on the Sunday. Therefore, you and your child must be committed and ready to work long hours over the duration. 

To secure the role your child must be energetic and confident around new people. This unique opportunity requires children who can walk out onto the runway without becoming shy about the faces looking back at them. It is a great experience for those that wish to continue modelling full time as they grow older. 

Get Involved in TV Commercials

Get Involved in TV Commercials

Many adverts include children with many different brands requiring kids to fulfil their brief. This may be promoting clothes but also could involve them playing with toys or being part of a family setting. Either way they need to move well in front of the camera and act natural. It is a very different process than capturing a still shot. 

They will have to interact with others on the screen and essentially have acting skills to ensure that the commercial is realistic. Therefore, being comfortable with new faces is vital to your success. The organisers will be more lenient with children yet the ad needs to be finished most likely running to a strict itinerary. Therefore, the more professional and mature your child is the smoother the day will run. 

Children may have to speak on camera whether this is a laugh, one word/sentence or a whole piece of dialogue. This adds another dimension to the role, as their voice needs to be clear and confident. Also, they will need to remember the lines so that the conversation flows naturally. Young children will not be expected to speak too much yet as they get older the expectations will increase. 

Model for High End Fashion Brands 

Model for High Fashion Brands

Top designers such as Moschino, Stella McCartney, Burberry and Versace have kids departments that require child models to create stylish imagery. Many parents may be wary of the high-end fashion world however; at this young age the images are age appropriate. Also, mums and dads will be present at all times. It is a very similar process to the commercial and catalogue world yet with a lot more money involved. Therefore, if you would like to earn extra money the high fashion world may be for you. Again, make sure you approach modelling agencies that specialise in this area of the industry. 

The concern is for teen models that are treated as adults on the runway before they have the maturity to cope with the demands of the industry. They can be taken advantage of due to their naivety, working longs hour for very little pay. However, small children are rarely seen on the catwalk and are always accompanied by an adult to keep them safe. 

To Finish

There are many different roles that your child could secure yet the type of kid required remains the same. An enthusiastic, mature for their age, happy and confident character is needed to be successful in the industry. A shy, timid child will not feel comfortable at a fashion show or photoshoot as working with new people or posing in front of a camera will feel unnatural to them. The best way to see how your son or daughter will feel is to try out a test shoot. The experience will gauge how they will cope and if modelling is for them. 

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  1. Chances are, they’ll be able to pay for at least a small chunk of it. Modeling can be lucrative, but not to the degree that some people think. Again, every case is different.

  2. This brings me to another point: In some parts of the country, there may be zero modeling agencies and zero modeling jobs. If you live in a large metropolitan area, your chances of finding an agency with plenty of clients, naturally, are better.

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