What is an eFolio? Professional Modelling Tools to Help You Succeed

An e-Folio, also known as an eBook, is an online version of a model’s portfolio. It’s a relatively new tool that allows models the opportunity to share their modelling experience virtually.

Your portfolio is like your CV, and a good one could mean the difference between getting a job, or being overlooked for a more experienced model.

As well as featuring lots of your modelling photos, your eFolio also has your modelling details like measurements, location, and agency information.

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Top Models with eFolios

Only your best images should be featured in your eFolio

Why Do I Need an eFolio?

You might be wondering why you need an electronic portfolio if you’ve already spent time and money on a physical portfolio. But doing things virtually is now a very common thing, and is often used over physical alternatives.

It’s still important you have your physical portfolio to take with you to castings and modelling auditions, but having an eFolio will give you the chance to share your experience from anywhere in the world.

– It opens up your opportunities

– It saves time

– It gives you an online presence

– It’s space-saving and less cumbersome than carrying a folder constantly

– It allows you to show more images than you could physically carry in a folder

– It gives you a chance to show your professionalism

Having an online portfolio is also a great way for self-marketing yourself. The internet is far-reaching and gives you the opportunity to reach people you may never have met in person. Self-promotion can make a huge difference to a model’s career.

Your eFolio allows you to have control over how your image is perceived by others. You control the entire design and look of your eFolio. It’s also easier and faster to update than your physical portfolio.

Simply put, an eFolio gives your modelling career more chances for success. It’s hugely handy to be able to send potential employers your modelling portfolio at the click of a button.

Can Aspiring Models Have eFolios?

Yes! You don’t need to be a fully-fledged professional model to have a great eFolio.

What you do need, however, are a set of fantastic photos. This can be tricky if you have yet to do any modelling work, but don’t fret – you can hire a professional photographer to complete a photoshoot with you. You can then pay to walk away with your favourite shots that can be included in your portfolio, eFolio and on your z-cards.

Don’t be tempted to use old selfies or photos taken on your phone from nights out – these simply won’t be high-quality enough. Your portfolio and e-Folio shots need to be high-resolution and professional enough to appear in a magazine.

Hiring a photographer will not only give you the chance to purchase your best photos, but it’s also valuable experience in front of the camera and in a professional photoshoot setting.

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How to Get Started

Creating an eFolio doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s best to start at the most basic and crucial element – your photos. A portfolio will have up to 20 images, and it’s a good idea to have around that amount on your eFolio, too.

Finding the right studio to help you is vital. There are many photographers out there, but some will specialise in events, others in places. You need to find a photographer who is experienced at working with people, particularly models.

A studio should have a professional lighting set-up and know-how. Lighting is one of the key elements to good photography, so make sure you ask about it first.

Ask to see the photographer’s previous work to be sure you like it. All photographers have unique styles and editing habits, so choose a photographer whose work you love.

Maintaining Your eFolio

You need to regularly update and maintain your eFolio to keep it relevant. Photos that are outdated should be removed and replaced with current, updated photos. It’s ok to keep old photos of yourself that you love to show your experience and skills as a model, but make sure your more current work is always kept to the forefront.

Don’t put every single photo in your eFolio – be selective and only include your most beautiful images. Remember, most viewers only spend a couple of seconds at most on a homepage, so you need to capture their attention and make them want to view more photos. So feature some of your best work straight away.

Think carefully about the types of brands and modelling work you wish to attract. If you want to get into a specific niche of modelling, make sure at least some of your photos represent that.

Make sure your contact information is located somewhere on the eFolio so prospective employers can contact you. This, too, needs to be regularly updated, in particular your modelling measurements. We all fluctuate and it’s important that you update any changes to your sizing as soon as possible – not doing so could lose you work.

It’s a nice touch to also feature your past experience and achievements in modelling, if you have any.

Remember, your eFolio is as professional as a CV – do not use inappropriate words or images on there.

Your eFolios Presentation

The layout and overall presentation of your eFolio is just as important as the content. It should be clean, professional and easy to view. A busy or overly-colourful eFolio will put viewers off and be distracting to the content. Getting the layout right can be time-consuming but is ultimately worth doing.  

Staying Safe

As with all things online, staying safe is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, allowing yourself to be seen by strangers may attract the attention of scam artists.

Any legitimate agency, scout or photographer will be more than happy to supply their credentials. Always do some background research – even those working professionally may have bad reviews.

If a brand, agency or photographer refuses to send you credentials, asks for inappropriate photos or money, or asks you to meet at a random location, be incredibly cautious. Sometimes things that look too good to be true are just that.

If someone provides you with an e-mail or telephone number for you to verify them, ignore it and find the legitimate contact information via the official website. You can then ask whether the person works for them.

If you ever feel uncertain, avoid the situation.

Do I Need to be Signed?

Many models like being signed because it provides them with more opportunities, but occasionally a model will prefer to work freelance. Freelance models especially will really benefit from an eFolio because it is a way to represent yourself without an agency.

Models with agencies also like to have eFolios because it allows them to market themselves both nationally and globally.

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