What to Expect at a Modelling Photoshoot

A modelling photoshoot in the fashion industry can feel like an overwhelming experience if you’ve never attended one before. But there’s no need to be nervous – read on to find out exactly what you can expect at a professional photoshoot. 

The Different Types of Modelling Photoshoots

There are many different types of modelling photoshoots. The type of shoot depends on the target audience and niche of modelling. Examples include:

– High fashion modelling 

– Wedding

– Commercial modelling 

– Lingerie photoshoots

– Children photoshoots

– Headshots

​- Pet portraits

How Long Does a Photoshoot Last For?

Shoots can last anywhere from a few hours, to several days – it depends on the type and amount of content required. It also depends on how quickly the team can work together to create the right vision. 

Remember that a lot of work happens before the shoot even takes place – a model needs to sit for several hours with the clothing fitter, a professional make-up artist and the hair stylist to get ready before posing in front of the camera. 

Where Do Photoshoots Happen?

Most photoshoots take place in a proper studio designed specifically for the purpose of taking high-quality photos. These are typically located in major cities such as London and Manchester, near to the modelling agencies and major brands. 

Sometimes, photoshoots happen in a certain place – for example, on the beach or in a city. 

Preparing for a Photoshoot

A model must prepare before a photoshoot takes place. This may involve sorting out their own travel and accommodation, or this may be covered by the modelling agency. 

A model will be given a brief before the photoshoot takes place explaining the location and time. You will also be told key details about the shoot – the brand, audience, shoot purpose etc. 

You will need to read this brief carefully as it may include some requests you need to consider – for example, you may be required to remove all your body hair before a shoot, or get a spray tan. Be sure to adhere to these requests or raise them early with your modelling agency if you have an issue. 

It’s always a good idea to bring along several personal items to a photoshoot to prepare for any eventuality. This can include:

– A phone charger

– Nude underwear

– Heels that you can walk in well

At the Photoshoot

You should try to find some time to practice your poses, especially if you are new to modelling. You want to try and impress the photographer as much as possible so they will consider you for future work. 

Every body part matters, so make sure you think about your facial expression as well as how you stand. You may be required to stand or sit, or you may even be asked to move (like walking or jumping). It’s a good idea to watch some videos on professional models and how they accomplish this. 

Practicing in front of a mirror is great, but practicing in front of a camera is even better. Try to get a friend or family member to help you out so you can really learn your best angles and features, and learn how to accentuate them in photos. 

Remember to follow your favourite models on social media (particularly Instagram) as they will help to inspire you. 

If at all possible, try to ask the photographer at the end of the shoot for any feedback; early in your career, you should welcome any critique as this is an opportunity to learn and improve. 

You will not get to choose which photos are selected by the brand. Some photographers may show you some of your photos just to help you reposition your body or somehow alter what you are currently doing. 

Ask the photographer or brand manager at the end of the photoshoot if it is ok to feature some images on your social media – remember you must ALWAY ask permission as otherwise you could be breaking the rules in your contract or breaking copyright laws. 

After the Photoshoot

You will be given a chance to change back into your regular clothing and take off your make-up before leaving. There may also be a brief chat about the photos, how you did and when will happen next. 

You may be given the opportunity to take a look at some of the digital images. 

You will very likely be tired – contrary to popular belief, modelling can be a very tiring experience.

Remember to be polite and courteous to everyone, regardless of how tired you are. A successful modelling career can depend on your networking skills. 

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