What to Expect at a Professional Photoshoot

professional photoshoot can feel like an overwhelming experience, even for experienced models. But it’s vital you overcome your nerves in order to perform at your absolute best.

Read on to find out just what to expect at a photoshoot.

Different Types of Photoshoots

photoshoot can take place anywhere. Whether its inside, outside, in a small room or a large studio, the location of the shoot will depend on the size of the company and the photos that need taking.

It also depends on the type of lighting the photography chooses to use. Studios contain lots of large lights, while outdoors photographers may choose to rely on natural light rather than an artificial light setup.

Types of photoshoots include:

– Fashion photoshoots

– Family portraits

– Sultry boudoir photoshoot

– Themed photoshoot

– Child photoshoot (e.g. school photo)

– Maternity/baby bump photoshoot

– Pet photoshoot

– Promo shots


How Long Does a Photoshoot Last?

photoshoot can last for a few hours or a whole day depending on the type of photos the photographer is taking.

In general, expect to spend at least a couple of hours at a photography studio. Remember, too, that this time includes style consultations, outfit changes, hair styling and make-up application.

If you have booked a photoshoot, time will be spent at the end of the shoot going through photos and selecting the ones you like best. If you are hired by a company to model for them, you will likely not be present at this stage as it is the brand’s decision.

If you book a photoshoot yourself you will get to choose a date and time slot, but if you are a hired model you will be expected to show up at a specific destination at a pre-chosen time and place. You may have months notice, or you may have a days notice depending on the importance of the shoot.

What is a Photoshoot ‘Concept’?

photoshoot concept is the theme of the shoot. It’s important to decide with the photographer beforehand what the concept is so you both know what to expect and plan for pre-photoshoot.

An example of a photoshoot concept can be literal like ‘fitness’ or ‘British’, or it can be more artistic like ‘moody’ or ‘high-end’. More extravagant themes may have a wide range of costumes and unusual-looking studios with large props.

The concept will be pre-chosen if you are a hired model and you will be expected to meet this criteria.

How to Pose at a Photoshoot

It’s a good idea to practice in front of a mirror to understand your body shape and learn how to capture it attractively in photos.

You can ask a photographer you have hired to show you the images so you can learn from them. However, you won’t really have this opportunity at a professional fashion photoshoot that you are hired for. Many times, the photographer or director will guide you in your poses, but you will be expected to listen to instructions and know how to model before you enter a professional photo shoot environment.

If you are new to modelling and want to get experience, hire a professional photographer to take your photos so you can learn how to pose in front of the camera. Alternatively, ask a friend to take photos of you so you can practice. These photos can also be used for your modelling portfolio.

How to Look Good at a Photoshoot

At a professional photoshoot, you will be provided with a stylist, hair styler and make-up artist who will work on you before the photoshoot.

For smaller photoshoots, aspiring models may be asked to do their own make-up and hair. Many models learn from experience how to do their own make-up and hair, but if you are a newbie you can learn a lot from watching YouTube videos.

Alternatively, you can pay to take a one-off lesson with an expert or do an online diploma. You can often find online vouchers or discounts for lessons.

What Do I Need to Bring to a Photoshoot?

You’ll be told beforehand what to bring to a photoshoot. It might be a good idea to bring a bottle of water and some snacks in case food isn’t available, but an all-day shoot should provide both.

There should be no need to bring clothing or make-up to a photoshoot you are hired for. Bring a book or something to keep you occupied when waiting for photo set-ups or for other people to be photographed.

Check on social media if there are any reviews for the photography studio. These comments may give you a better idea of what to expect.

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