Top 10 Female Fitness Models of 2020

We’re taking a look back at some of our favourite female fitness models who motivate, inspire, and influence on social media with their fitness finds, healthy recipes, healthy diet tips, and weight loss motivation.

Read on to discover our favourite fitness influencers of 2020.

1. Natasha Oceane

We love Natasha for her bubbly personality and the ease with which she educates whilst staying entertaining and understandable.

She has been open about her past issues with excessive dieting and exercising, making her extremely relatable to anyone else who has struggled with disorders or has struggled to lose weight/gain muscle due to a lack of education. Watch her YouTube videos for real health inspiration.

2. Jule Louise

Jule is a certified personal trainer and fitness influencer. While she does have a decent following on Instagram, she is part of a new wave of influencers who use TikTok. She has over 130k+ followers and shares regular videos featuring workouts and body transformation routines.

3. Emily Skye

Emily is a 35-year-old Australian fitness model. She has a well-honed gym body and focuses predominantly on strength training for toned muscles. Her washboard abs are serious body goals.

Emily recently had two children, so she is the perfect influencer to follow if you want to learn how to get back into shape after pregnancy. She is all about self-love and being kind to yourself. She advocates healthy, realistic weight loss.

Her openness and positivity make her genuinely likeable and her methods show real, healthy results.

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4. Michelle Lewin

This model and bodybuilder is recognised internationally because of her successful Instagram account. Originally from Venezuala, Michelle had a tough childhood. For her, fitness is a way to feel good about herself each day.

She has graced the covers of over 30 magazine covers including Sports & Fitness, Her Muscle & Fitness and Iron Man

5. Jen Selter

Jen is an American fitness star and health enthusiast. She has over 12 million followers on Instagram and is considered to have one of the best booty pops in the biz.

She has an excellent Facebook group filled with real before-and-after shots of people following her exercise and diet plan. Her website also features blog posts filled with advice and inspiration from everything including self-care, intense workouts, eating well and even mental health.

6. Kayla Itsines

Kayla is an Australian personal trainer with loads of fitness e-books containing meal-planning and workout ideas. She is considered to be one of the most influential trainers in the world. Her Bikini Body Guides (BBG) are available on her website, and her successful fitness app ‘Sweat‘ continues to be hugely successful.

7. Lita Lewis

LA-born Lita is a PT and model and promotes being ‘thick and fit’. A self-certified tomboy, she has always had an active lifestyle until a bad breakup sent her spiraling into a depression that saw her lose interest in eating well and working out. Eventually, she realised she wasn’t being healthy so she began her new healthy lifestyle which she maintains to this day. She is a role model for women who struggle to find a balance between fit and healthy.

8. Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn is a yoga instructor from North Carolina. She is a plus-size woman who advocates learning to feel good rather than working out purely to look good. She is hugely motivating for anyone who worries they will not be able to work out due to their size and has amassed thousands of fans.

9. Sommer Ray

This Denver born 24-year-old has a huge Instagram following – 25 million, to be precise. Sommer is no stranger to fitness – her Dad is a competitive bodybuilder, and her Mum is an Instagram fitness model.

The most popular posts on her Instagram feed are her workout videos, which gain millions of views.

10. Kelsey Wells

In 2016, Kelsey shot to fame after a video she made claiming ‘screw the scales’ went viral. Since then, she has amassed over 2 million Instagram followers.

Wells manages to make fitness like aspirational but also obtainable. Her main goal is to educate women to believe fitness is about health, not aesthetics. She says the goal is to transform your outlook, not just your body.

What Does it Take to be a Fitness Model?

Fitness models live and breathe their work. Their health and fitness is a lifestyle, not just a hobby or a way to make money. Many of them claim to have grown up loving sports and being active, while others claim that they discovered a love for fitness later on in life.

You should not think about becoming a fitness model unless fitness is something you have a genuine interest in. Fitness models must work out and eat well consistently and this will feel like an endless chore to anyone not genuinely interested in it. When fitness becomes your work, you can’t have many down days; you have to maintain a good figure throughout the year.

Fitness models have more muscle and less fat and must learn how to show off their body in poses that are different to regular models. Fitness models tend to take more action shots, and they must learn how to tense certain muscles in a natural manner when being photographed.

Naturally, nearly all fitness models avoid unhealthy habits like drinking excessively or smoking.

Fitness Influencers

A fitness influencers must do all of the above but must also be positive, aspirational and good at teaching others. Taking photos of yourself can be difficult so many fitness influencers have friends or partners who help them out.

Fitness influencers can experiment with other forms of media, not just photos. YouTube is a great platform for fitness influencers as it gives them a chance to show off their physiques while also teaching their followers how they obtain their bodies. Some fitness influencers like to vlog to show followers their day-to-day regimes.

Just like regular fitness models, fitness influencers must too avoid bad habits like smoking and drinking. They must be aware that, as influencers, they have the ability to influence followers and unhealthy or seemingly bad habits will therefore be negatively received, which could affect their image and even their income.

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